The wait

Don’t you sit, it won’t be long before we need to get away. We are running from the people, running from the bad things that happened once, maybe twice, a while ago.

Aren’t you ready? Let’s hope you are soon enough for our departure. We will travel from city to city, from town to town, making new memories and forgetting all the bad taste of time past. 


Don’t be mad, don’t be anxious about this now. Three wise ladies once remembered that time heals everything, but we just have to wait

Think of me

I hope that sometimes, without a warning or a motive, the memory of me hits you and you’d think of me. Even when you don’t want to, think of me. But don’t remember me no more, no. Think of me. As I was with you. As your head says I did or didn’t do. Just think of me. Little bits of me. Big pounds of me. Huge loads of me. Think of me. And when you don’t want to think anymore about me, you will start to miss the thought of me and you think again I’m there. Just there, by your side. Again. 

No gastemos el amor

No gastemos el amor. Dejémoslo para mañana. Guardemos un poco, que se vienen tiempos difíciles.

La primavera ya no es lo que era antes. El verano todo inundó. Ya no se ven los recuerdos pues las hojas del otoño los enterraron. El tiempo invernal ya duró demasiado y las reservas de calor se acabaron de pronto.

Ya llegará otro día, y con él nuevos momentos para borrar lentamente recuerdos, tirar los pedazos viejos que cargamos y guardamos con el tiempo. Por eso no gastemos el amor, guardémoslo, para que nos alcance un poco para lo incógnito del mañana.