Like it never happened



My dearest,

As time passes it seems like it never happened.

All the suffering, the agony of doubt, treason, of no reasons…
Everything faded away slowly but for good.

There will be no trace of it anymore.
There will be no memory
and I can assure you,
I won’t be losing track of myself again.

I lost my path, and with it I lost you
even if it was for a moment
I won’t let it happen, not anymore.

We’re gonna live happy, like it never happened.
We’re gonna enjoy our time together
and built more thing for ever.
Indeed forever.

Cause in time you will end seeing
as a mistake, even the greatest of them
we could live as it never happened.

Reality / Un Love Me

Wish I could tell you goodbye
But I won’t
Cause every time that I try
I can’t let go
I’m begging you to un love me…

Cause I can’t un love you…

Frozen, even though we are are broken
We keep holding on to these
Distant memories.