Just Another Day… Feels Like Home

You were here one moment, and then my mind just blocked you in a cell and the moment after that you were sailing in the coldest of waters.

You were here one  moment, caring about me, making me extra happy.  You were cool one moment. You were the ultimate person. You were the one. I loved you and I still do. I love as a friend. I love you as my pet. You’re no longer worth it. You’re no longer an option. You’re not.

I felt strange in the world. I felt different in my own skin. I felt alone and alive, lost in the crowd and inside my own mind. I felt awful and then I woke up in this whole new phase of life.

It feels good. It feels weird. It feels like honey with sugar and cream. It feels like gum, and also like orange soda.

One moment I felt weird and then I was free.

One moment I was me, and then I was just being…

In a moment everything can change. In a moment, it could also rearrange.

Once upon a time I was alive. Now, it feels like home.

Autor: León Alberto

I Was Pandora... And Then I Got Over It.


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