What’s wrong with B In The Mix The Remixes Vol. 2?


What is it with Britney’s team and they “let’s make an awful remix album – again” ?

Let’s say it: B in The Mix Vol. 1, wasn’t so bad, dissapointing, but not so bad. At least it contained one unreleased song with good beats, And Then We Kiss, that was launched as a single in Japan, and a great remix of  “Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know”.

But B In The Mix Vol. 2, is really a selection of remixes already on iTunes, B-Sides, or elsewhere. I really LOVE the album’s cover art. Britney looks GORGEOUS in that Hold It Against Me video style, but that doesn’t makes me forget the awful tracklist.

1. Criminal” (Radio Mix) ShellbackMax Martin, Tiffany Amber Max Martin, Shellback 3:45
2. Gimme More” (Kaskade Club Mix) Nathaniel Hills, James Washington,Keri HilsonMarcella Araica DanjaKaskade^ 6:08
3. Piece of Me” (Tiësto Club Mix) Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winnberg, Klas Åhlund Bloodshy & AvantTiësto^ 7:53
4. Radar” (Tonal Club Mix) Karlsson, Winnberg, Åhlund, Henrik Jonback, Balewa Muhammad, Candice Nelson, Ezekiel Lewis,Patrick Smith Bloodshy & Avant, The Clutch*, Alexander Lasarenko^, Matt Pendergast^ 4:55
5. Womanizer” (Benny Benassi Extended) Nikesha Briscoe, Rafael Akinyemi K. Briscoe/The Outsyders,Benny Benassi^ 6:17
6. Circus” (Linus Loves Remix) Lukasz Gottwald, Claude Kelly, Benjamin Levin Dr. LukeBenny Blanco, John Clark^, Linus Loves^ 4:39
7. If U Seek Amy” (U-Tern Remix) Martin, Shellback, Savan Kotecha,Alexander Kronlund Max Martin, U-Tern^ 6:10
8. 3” (Manhattan Clique Club Remix) Martin, Shellback, Amber Max Martin, Shellback, Philip Larsen^, Chris Smith^ 5:42
9. Till the World Ends” (Alex Suarez Club Remix) Martin, Gottwald, Kronlund, Kesha Sebert Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Billboard, Alex Suarez^ 5:18
10. I Wanna Go” (Gareth Emery Remix) Shellback, Martin, Kotecha Max Martin, Shellback, Gareth Emery^ 5:26



Gorgeous Brit ❤


I was like “Where the heck is Hold it Against Me?
Radar again? Seriously?
Instead of Break The Ice? SERIOUSLY?

When this stuff happens, I can only turn to the web and it’s inmensity to fulfill those spaces that Britney’s team produces in my life. Why’s that ? ‘Cause in the web you cand find remixes of underground people who really loves Britney’s music and and are ver talented in mixing and remixing stuff by The Legendary Miss Britney Spears.

After the jump I’m posting some really cool mixes I found and recopilated in Britney: The Remixes.


Britney Spears In The Mix: The Remixes


 . Britney’s Total Mix .

Break The Ice / If U Seek Amy / Do Something / Womanizer / Toxic / …Baby One More Time

. Britney’s Blackout Album Mix .

Contains :
Gimme More / Break The Ice / Get Back / Perfect Lover

. Britney’s Blackout Mega-Mix .

Everybody / Break The Ice / Get Naked (I Got A Plan) / Ooh Ooh Baby /  Gimme More

. Britney’s Circus Mega-Mix .

Womanizer /  Kill The Lights / Shattered Glass / Mannequin / If U Seek Amy / Circus

. The 2009 Remix .

I’m A Slave 4 U / Break The Ice /  3 / Me Against The Music / Stronger

. Britney’s White Mix .

… Baby One More Time /  (You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop Remix) / (You Drive Me) Crazy (Album Edit) /
Overprotected (Album Edit)  / Overprotected (Darkchild Remix) /  Lucky / Sometimes  / Born To Make You Happy /
I’m A Slave 4 U / Boys (Album Edit) / Boys (Co-Ed Remix) / Oops!…I Did It Again /  Stronger / Outrageous /
My Prerogative / Piece Of Me / Do Something / Everytime / Someday (I Will Understand) /
I’m Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman / I Love Rock N Roll / Me Against The Music / Toxic / Gimme More

. The Megamix 2010 . 

The Legendary Miss Britney Spears Intro /… Baby One More Time /  (Your Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop Remix) /
Oops!… I Did It Again / From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart / Born To Make You Happy (Remix Edit) / Lucky / Stronger / I’m A Slave 4 U / Circus / Boys (Co-Ed Remix) / Me Against The Music / Overprotected / My Prerogative / Toxic /
Do Something / Everytime / I’m Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman / Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know /
Someday (I Will Understand) / Piece Of Me / Gimme More (Grunge Edit) / Break The Ice / I Love Rock N Roll / Radar /
If U Seek Amy / Womanizer / 3



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