Breaking Your Own Heart: PS/Pushing Daisies

Breaking HER Own Heart.

 This is the beginning of the story, her story…the story. My name is not important, but you should know that I knew her very well, although she has changed. She is not what she used to. This is not some “Once Upon A Time… They lived happily ever after” kind of story. This isn’t fairy-tale. This is real. As real as you reader, want.

 Her names was Alex, when I knew her. Now, her name is a mystery and will remain a mystery as long as you want. Her name was Alex, and this is how she was.

· Pushing Daisies ·

 Once in a while, you met different kind of people. And by “different kind of people”, I mean people who are not afraid of being themselves and showing their believes, hopes and lifestyle in an outrageous way.

 At first, you would think “WTF” (what the fuck), and feel the need of running away from that “crazy” person.  It’s so normal, or at least more normal than you would think. There are some “crazy” people out there.

If you knew Alex, you wouldn’t believe she was this kind of people. She was what all girls in high-school want to be: a popular cheerleader. ‘Cause you should know that there are two kinds of cheerleaders in the world: the ones in movies and the ones in real life. The cheering in movies, is always glamorous, winning-all-competitions life style. The real cheerleading girls, are pretty much the same, but in that “group” there are always the popular cheerleader and the backup cheerleaders, girls who are in the team but don’t hang with the team.

 Alex was a popular cheerleader, born leader, center of attention, the star of the show… even when she wasn’t. The screen projecting this awesome life, was only hiding the real deal: unhappiness. Maybe you already know a lot of stories like this, among your friends and relatives. I know this particular story, Alex’s story, I know all she suffered, and that’s why I’m writing it down here.

 Afternoon. No homework or projects to be done. Home alone.

Turn on the TV, and one of her favorite shows was airing. Cell phone ringing. Notifications. A lot.

"Whatcha doing, doll", What am I doing?
"PS", she texted back.
"Like in PS, I love ya???" she read.
"LOL, NLT", she texted.
(Laugh our loud, not like that)
(I don't get it)

 "K. C Ya Lat".
(Ok, see you later)

End of the conversation. Well, she ended it of course, she was very busy trying to catch up with Pushing Daisies, that’s what she meant with PS. Certianly, it was a boy she didn’t like.

 Suddenly, another notification.

 "Hey, Alex".
OMG, It's Josh, what should I text back? OMG, OMG, OMG!

Josh was the hottest guy at school and the secret crush of our heroine.

"Hey, Josh, W U?"
(What's up)
"Notn. R U Free on Sat?
(nothing, are you free on saturday?
"Yes, absolutely"

End of the conversation. Well, she didn’t end it, she was very busy jumping on the bed in excitement. Pushing Daisies? Oh, it can wait. I will watch on TiVo later.

With this kind of actions, you can notice how when you like someone you’re doing everything in your hands to make it last… the opposite you do when you don’t like the one who’s texting you.

 Teenagers nowadays…

Autor: León Alberto

I Was Pandora... And Then I Got Over It.


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