Marit Larsen is back with highlights: Spark


So Marit Larsen has a new album called Spark, and I just finished listening… and it’s great.

Kinda remind me of how Under The Surface (2006) begins: with a super soft, melodic, enchanting song (“In Came The Light”). In this case, “Keeper Of The Keys” is the equivalent to the intro song of her solo debut.

I wanted to enjoy this effort on his own without comparing to her previous records, but it kept reminding me of them. In some way, there’s still The Chase lovely and calmed touch. But that’s good, because both albums are full of Marit and that’s what counts.

The first single, “Coming Home” it’s one of the best tracks of the album and after the jump you can see the video.

Other songs I liked, “That Day” and “Me And The Halfway”.

You have to listen to Marit’s latest effort. Is a must if you like Pop/Folk music.

Thank God for this girl.


01. Keeper Of The Keys.
02. Don’t Move.
03. What If.
04. Can’t Love You Anymore.
05. Coming Home.
06. Me And The Highway.
07. Last Night.
08.  Have You Ever.
09. Fine Line.
10. That Day.

Autor: León Alberto

I Was Pandora... And Then I Got Over It.

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