I’m having a Coke, please.

Coke Guys

I just realized that you’re no good for me.

 Like for real.

Do I think I’ll be in love with you forever?
That’s something I don’t know, and I definitely hope won’t happen. I really do.

 Like for real.

Some people say it’s just a phase, when you deny what’s happening to you and reality seems so surreal. You would prefer to be somewhere were your thoughts would leave you… alone.

I’ve been in that phase… like forever.

 Like for real.

Why is so difficult to be alone? Why is necessary to be surrounded by your thoughts?

Thank God I don’t smoke or I will be known as the human chimney. Like for real.

In the other hand, there’s still large-sized French Fries and Big Mac, you know… accompanied obviously with a extra-large soda. I’m having Coke, please. I’ll come for my chocolate sundae later, thanks.

Autor: León Alberto

I Was Pandora... And Then I Got Over It.


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