Keep it Casual

He’s been staring at the window for 20 minutes. Nice restaurant, nice clothes, clean shoes. No signs of her. 10 more minutes passed by and he’s still waiting. She’s half hour late and he’s starving to death.

 They only met once, but that was enough. She’s hot as hell, and he’s been very lonely lately so he agreed on a casual date. ‘Cause that’s what he’s looking right now: casual. But it seems casual is not going to happen.

 Whatever. He’s not here for  a lazy woman.  Time to go home where’s a comfy sofa and casual coffee. Very hot and casual.

 As he steps out of the restaurant, his cell phone starts ringing. Better not be about job. Or maybe it would be good.


– Hello?

– Josh? Where are you?

– Well, I just left the place, Joyce. She never showed up and I’m tired, so I’m going straight home.

– No, Josh, you can’t. Listen to me. She had an accident. I’m on my way to the hospital as we speak.

– But what… what happened?

– I’m not sure, but it was bad. Pretty bad.

– Ok, tell me where the hospital is.

 In this-is-the-shittiest-shit-street-ever lane. It was the lousiest and most depressing place ever. Sick people everywhere. Injured people everywhere and no hot chick. Also no Joyce. Josh was standing there looking for, well no one, ‘cause he didn’t know the name of the woman she was about to met.

 But the meeting occurred and in the most horrifying way ever: she came in a wheelchair with broken hip, arm and black eye.

 – Damn! What happened to you?

– Oh, it was nothing. My ex boyfriend found out that I was going on a date so he beat the crap out of me.

– Really? Wait…. Boyfriend?

–  Ex boyfriend. He’s like really possessive and jealous and…

– And a prick!

– Well, I wouldn’t say that…

– He beat you, woman! He’s a prick!

– And…

– And what?

– And he’s behind you.

Autor: León Alberto

I Was Pandora... And Then I Got Over It.


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