Feels Like Home / Lots Of Luck


The Chase - Part II Feelks Like Home

As I keep walking, the sky gets even darker. There are so many clouds clashing one another that big drops start pouring. I can’t see the bus anymore. I can’t see the bus stop. I can’t even see where I’m standing…

Green light. People start walking and pushing me. Agg. Pff. Agg. Splash. Back on the floor. This time the solid ground and the china has been replaced with water and water, basically.

I stand up and look around. I’m in the middle of the street. A very lonely one to be honest. I think it’s a pattern. Everything around me seems to be left alone. Welcome to my world. Whatever. I gotta get home. I’m soaking wet.

I start checking my pockets. My phone is there, useless maybe, but there. My wallet is there. My keys are… Gone. Damn. No keys, no home. I get back on my feet to look for them. I look here, then look there, and again here but there’s no sign of my beloved keys. I get my phone and speed-dial home waiting for someone to respond.

One. Two. Three rings. Nothing.
One. Two. Three rings. Voicemail.
One damn. Two damns. Three damns. Damned.

I give up on life, you know? I mean what the hell, man? Is God mad a me or something?

My phone rings. Ok, God, forget what I just said.
My phone keeps ringing.
Yes. Someone’s home.

– Hello?
– Hello, who’s this?
– God! It’s me. I’m sorry. I just found out I lost my keys so I thought of calling for help and… Hello? Hello?






Why is this happening now? Now I will have to find a pay phone.


And find some coins in my jacket so I can pay the phone. Well, at least I’m making jokes.


I’m wet, angry, phone-less, in the middle of an empty street and with constant notifications that I didn’t charge my phone properly. I’ve never felt so helpless and homeless. It’s still raining. And there’s no sign of the next bus.


Yes. It doesn’t feels like home.

Autor: León Alberto

I Was Pandora... And Then I Got Over It.

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