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The Chase - Part III The Loop

I don’t even know how many blocks I’ve walked, but I keep on walking. That’s the only thing you can do when life gets hard… going on and on. And that’s not the Titanic song. Not at all. Well, maybe. Whatever.

Now I know why the street is called Mayor. “I’ll meet you at Mayor Street”. Yeah? In which one of its thousand blocks? And still no bus or taxi or policeman. Nothing. No one.

I can’t even know what time is it or how much I have been walking. This is crazy. When did I stop wearing my watch? Oh right. When cellphones start doing pretty much fucking everything.

Good news: the rain stopped. Bad news: where the fuck am I ? I can’t recognize this streets anymore. I’m in the middle of nowhere and elsewhere. Should I go back? Should I continued my journey to the unknown? I see a light now. Fuck. Am I dead?

The light goes bigger and bigger. But not that bigger. I can see a woman. With a flashlight. Told you it wasn’t that big of a light.

– Buenas noches.

Fuck. She speaks French.

– Buenas.

I’m not that good with Spanish. My teacher was right. But how was I supposed to know it would be useful one day?

– Look. I don’t know where I am right now and I don’t speak Spanish very well…

– Ah, está bueno. So are you lost? You need help, right?

Thank God she speaks English. I’m saved.

– Me llamo Lupe.

– Loop-eh?

– A ver repite después de mi, repeat after me: LU-PE.

Great. More fucking French.

– Nice to meet you. Can you help me? I need to get home. Do you know where the next bus stop is? It seems like I can’t get a cab around here.

– Uy! The bus is gonna take forever to get up here.

– Up here? What do you mean up here?

– Mira, you can go that way to catch a bus that will take you to downtown.

Thank God!

– Oh, that way! Thank you, lady! Thank you!

She keeps talking but I can’t wait to get to the fucking bus. I wave at her and she waves back.

– Nice to meet you!

Yeah, yeah right Loop-eh.

The street I’m now looks exactly like the one I was before. I’m not in Mayor anymore but I’m majorly lost. The help I got wasn’t of help at all. I continue walking till I ran into a dead end street. What is this? A wall brick tells me this is it, the end of the road. What should I do?

If I go back, I will end in Mayor again. But now I can’t continue forward cause of the dead end. I’m trapped. I hear some dogs barking. Damn. I’m fucking caught.

I didn’t want to end up like this. Doing the same things day after that. I hate it. Ad now I’m trapped in a loop. If I continue walking I will end up in the same place as I was. If I don’t walk I will stay trapped.

There’s no one in the streets. Houses seem empty. No interior lights. Not even a sound.
Is this a ghost town? Where am I ? Why did I leave the coffee shop? Why am I asking so many questions? Why did I follow Loop-Eh’s advice? She led me into this mess.

– No darling. You got into this mess yourself.

I screamed as I heard the sound. It was an automatic reaction even if I didn’t want to scream. I turn to see who said that and as I turn I get more confused. What on earth is happening here?

Autor: León Alberto

I Was Pandora... And Then I Got Over It.

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