Into The Nuts / Everything Else

The Chase - Part IV Into The Nuts

First I heard a voice now I hear footsteps. I want to scream again but what for? Screaming never helps if you’re going to die. Wait. Am I gonna die?

More footsteps. But I can’t see anyone else but me around here. As I turn the footsteps start coming closer and the noise growing louder. I start walking. Footsteps. More walking. More footsteps. Damn. This needs to stop right now or else…

– Or else…

I hear my voice in a big echo. A very powerful one. I turn again just to notice how far I’ve walked. I’m standing in front of a store. I see a light on and I know that I have to be where the light is. Maybe someone in there could help me.

As I open the door I hear my voice echoing again. “Or else”. I walk thought the store to the room where the light is on. It seems like an antique shop. Or a pet shop. How could I tell? I hold the doorknob and… nothing. Door’s locked. But through a little window I can see the light is on. So someone should be in there. I knock on the door and wait for an answer.

“Or else”, once again. Damn. It chills me to the bone hearing my own echoing. I knock again. Still no answer. Should I leave now? “Or else”. I’m kinda frightened about that so no. I won’t.
A shadow moves in the other room. Someone is there. I knock again.

– Hello? He-hello? I need some help. Can you….

The doorknob starts moving. I take a step back. The door opens but no one’s there. Now I’m really scared. How did the door open? Just cause I said I needed help? This is so weird. The door starts moving again. I step inside the room to find it is a storage room full of bottles and boxes labeled “O. Relses Medical Supply Store”. Medical store? I wonder what supplies they have in here…

Crack. It seems like I stepped in a broken glass. Yeah it seems like a broken bottle. A yellow liquid still pouring from it. Eww. Better not be what I think it is. Kinda stinks in here. I decide its time to go. Crack. Another broken bottle. More liquid. This time is red. Red? Better no be what I think it is.

Click. The other lights in the store suddenly go on. They blind me for a moment. When my eyes adjust to the new bright in the room I can see someone coming toward me. A tall man it seems.

– Hey, there. My name is…

Crack. Another broken bottle. But now I know who’s breaking them. I’m bleeding.

Crack. I start running.

Crack. Another one breaks. At my head. More bleeding.

Crack. I kick the door and run to the exit.

Crack. More broken glass.

Bang. I hit the floor. The man is holding my leg. I kick him in the face. He yells out of pain. I can see his nose bleeding. Awful nose. I kick him again. More yelling. Bleeding. He lets go out of pain. And I’m out of there.

As I walk outside the store I look around for someone to help me. But it seems like a fucking ghost town out of a fucking horror movie when everyone dies in the most horrifying way. Am I gonna die?

– Or else.

I hear it once again. But now it’s not my voice echoing. It’s the man from the supply store looking me from the ground where he lies. I can’t see his eyes cause he has no eyes. His face is covered in blood. But he keeps yelling out of pain.

He suddenly stands up as I step back. He’s coming after me and I don’t know why. I don’t know where to go. I don’t where to hide. I-I–I can’t… I can’t move! He’s coming toward me and I can’t move. I scream. I scream louder but I know no one will help me. I’m alone.

He faces me as I can see his bloody head.

– Or else.

What does that even mean? This needs to stop right now.

He grabs me and holds me against him. He is sweaty and smells awful. As I turn my head I can see a name tag in his filthy uniform. I try to look closer… just to scream again. It can’t be real. This can’t be happening. In his name tag I can read a name… my name.

Autor: León Alberto

I Was Pandora... And Then I Got Over It.

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