Top 25 Songs of 2013: July – December

Once again we’re united in here for the greatest pleasure in earth: music. This is the second part of the yearly list of the most played tunes on well, my iTunes.

 Miley Cyrus - Bangerz 2

Leona Lewis - Stone Hearts & Hand Grenades

25. “Stone Hearts & Hand Grenades”

Leona Lewis


 A haunting hidden track in Leona’s latest album. I love me some dramatic tracks.

 Le Youth - Cool

24. “Cool”

Le Youth

Cool EP

 My second favorite song after the “Cool” name (yeah Gwen, I see you).

 Kelly Clarkson - People Like Us

23. “People Like Us”

Kelly Clarkson

Greatest Hits: Chapter One

 An excellent follow-up to “Catch My Breath” and definitely a great video for Kelly’s first compilation.

 Girls Aloud - Out Of Control

22. “Revolution In The Head”

Girls Aloud

Out Of Control

 From the initial beat to the final outro this song is just a perfect anthem (and would make a perfect musical…).

Lady Gaga - ARTPOP Glitter

21. “Do What U Want”

Lady Gaga feat. R. Kelly


 One of the highlights in Gaga’s third álbum is this amazing dance-till-you-drop-on-the-dancefloor song.

 Kesha - Die Young

20. “Die Young”



 The little sister of  “We R Who We R” takes the best of Warrior to my yearly list.

Girls Aloud - CSF

19. “Can’t Speak French”

Girls Aloud

Tangled Up

 And we let the funky music do the talking in this addictive track, that totally had me dancing in a very “Vogue” way.

Girls Aloud - Out Of Control

18. “The Promise”

Girls Aloud

Out Of Control

And the Girls Aloud reign won’t stop. This #1 single is as amazing today as it was the year of its release… BABE!

 Charli XCX - You Ha

17. “You (Ha Ha Ha)”

Charli XCX

True Romance

 With its tripping sample, “You” totally got me as soon as I heard the Ha Ha Ha hook. Yes, Charli? I think we have a situation… obsession.

Leona Lewis - Glassheart FM1

16. “Come Alive”

Leona Lewis


 Every time I hear this song I start making an imaginary zombie- hunting music video that would totally go in a three piece series along “Glassheart” and “The Power Of Goodbye” by Madonna. Think about it, Leona. We can film it!

Cassadee Pope - WATT

15. “Wasting All These Tears”

Cassadee Pope

Frame By Frame

Winner of The Voice USA and former leading lady of Hey Monday, this is my kinda gal: powerful vocals in both pop and country music. I’m just living for this track, Cass, thanks.

Mika - popular Song with Ariana Grande

14. “Popular Song”

Mika feat. Ariana Grande / Ariana Grande feat. Mika

Who Knows anymore?

 First it was a (terrible) track of Mika, until he released a newer version featuring dearest Ariana. Then the song popped into the Yours Truly álbum by the latest and I’m a total mess about who’s and where’s. Enjoy.

Cheryl Cole - Promise This

13. “Promise This”


Messy Little Raindrops

 The Girl also known as Chezza or Lady Cole hit #1 with this track and her fabulousness didn’t stop there. You go, Cheryl!

Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop

12. “We Can’t Stop”

Miley Cyrus


 And we couldn’t stop, like she said and we liked it. Sort of. Kinda. Whatever. Miss Cyrus left Disney and the good girl image buried with her capacity to keep her tongue for herself. Yep.

Britney Spears - Work Bch

11. “Work Bitch”

Britney Spears

Britney Jean

 Work, work, work, WORK! The Legendary Miss Britney Spears came back into the music scene with a bitchy anthem and her “most personal album yet”. You better work, Brit!

Katy Perry - Prism

10. “Walking On Air”

Katy Perry


 The most gay song of 2013 (and since Cher’s “Believe”) came into my ears, mind and soul thanks to the very colorful PRISM by Miss Worldwide Favorite, Katy “Slaying Forever” Perry. YAS.

Jamie Antonelli - Dont Hold Back

9. “Don’t Hold Back”

Jamie Antonelli

 So I’m at a party when this track comes in… and I’m totally done. I was so amazed with this song I kinda rapped the replay button. Sorry. Not sorry. Obsessed.

Christina Aguilera - We Remain

8. “We Remain”

Christina Aguilera

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire OST

I think this is the only list where Xtina will be ahead of Britney and that’s all. This song is SO GOOD I actually preferred it over the actual singles for the OST. Period. Sorry Sia. And I don’t care about Coldplay.

Natalia Kills - Mirrors

7. “Mirrors”

Natalia Kills


Brilliant. Genius. In love. Its been a while since the release of this song, but as of today, I still get excited when it starts playing. Hell yeah. I love me some Natalia vibe and style.

Katy Perry - Prism

6. “Dark Horse”

Katy Perry feat. Juicy J


It would have been an amazing single (I keep picturing the video for it… damn) but Queen Perry decided to keep it as just “promo”. And it did quite well. I fell in love with the bears, the kinda rapping and the whole magic stuff.

Katy Perry - Prism

5. “Choose Your Battles”

Katy Perry


The PRISM reign will never end, right? This is my favorite song of the album and sounds perfect for the OST of the Catching Fire movie, seriously. It fits PERFECTLY. Whatever. Still my fave.

Avril Lavigne - Rock Roll

4. “Rock N Roll”

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne

And then came Avril, and the world got better… I was so excited for her new record and fell for “Here’s To Never Growing Up” but as soon as I heard this track, my head exploded. This is Avril at her fucking best. Like the motherfucking princess she is. YES.

Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball

3. “Wrecking Ball”

Miley Cyrus


I cried when I first listened to this amazing song. Then the Terry Richardson video came and I was kinda scared. She went loony with it, but the song is still hauntingly beautiful.

Verbalicious - Dont Play Nice

2. “Don’t Play Nice”


Don’t Play Nice

This song was featured in Lindsay Lohan’s “Just My Luck” and I kinda liked it ‘cause of the infectious rhythm. Few years later it came to me like an audio post in this little obsession called Tumblr and voilá, in two seconds it was playing over and over again in my iTunes. Verbalicious is now known by the name of Miss Natalia Kills, whom I love and respect very, very much. Thanks, girl.

Capital Cities - Safe And Sound

1. “Safe And Sound”

Capital Cities

In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery

Tan-tan-tantantantan-tan… with the sound of trumpets here they are, my number one spot this year goes to the amazing (and fucking gorgeous) duo Capital Cities. I mean, this song is the catchiest ever, right? Knew it since the very first moment.

Tune in next year for more of the most played in my iTunes.

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