The time went missing

I’ve been crying since the day you went missing.
I knew those moments will never come back. I knew it the instant we stopped clap-backing.
At first it felt OK. At first I did think was for the best. And now I know… boy do I know.

I’ve been hoping for a day when we can reunite again.
I will cherish every single moment I’m allowed to see your face.
And as I type these words I hope you know…boy do I hope.

I’ve been praying for time to go back to when we start fighting.
I can keep telling myself that I’m a fool for not treasuring you as I should.
And when I’m laying in bed at night all I can think of is the time, all the time we spent apart.

But boy… we spent no time apart, cause “you” and “I” were very “we” and always “us” no matter what.


Autor: León Alberto

I Was Pandora... And Then I Got Over It.


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