It all started with a kiss


He didn’t know back then, but he would fall in love with him (yes, gay dudes, ta-dah!) Our leading man would fall like a mad person. That’s why sometimes we caught him calling his lover’s name.


It’s been a long time since they met and honestly there are some episodes in their relationship that our guy can’t recall because of him being the biggest jerk of them all: he spent  a lot of time convincing himself that he wasn’t that into the big boy and that the big boy wasn’t that into him. Our not that big man was a cheater, and the big boy was a player. Not the best possible scenario, right?

 Fast forward to the last time they saw each other: it wasn’t a Friday night, so I will let you guess the day our story took place, but I can assure you it was unconventional. After all the waiting and dating and non-being-in-a-relationship-as-it-is, they agreed their new non-dates would be kiss-free so they could have a great time being just friends (but of course they were more than friends) most of all because the big boy was now in a serious relationship.  BAM! First shot to the head to our leading man. And you should know that hurt, really hurt. But he loved the big boy, and love can be a very powerful force when you’re in need of strength.

 Now we’re gonna blame the alcohol cause, why not? A couple of drinks could do wonders for a shy guy, or a confession waiting to happen. Drink. Drank. Drunk. BAM! Second shot to the head to our guy, and wasn’t precisely a bullet but a collisions of the lips that made him thought of a new bunch of possibilities if only… well, if only. For a moment it seemed like a big mistake from the big boy that the not that old man enjoyed quite much, cause of course he have waited for that little slip, a slip that snowballed pretty fast and ended with our two favorite displays of affection: kicking and screaming. Like hell! Only joking, we’re talking about hugging and kissing in the loveliest way possible.



 Suddenly our two guys snowballed into a series of events that include words like Netflix, music, dancing, shots, bubbles, matching bathrobes, honest hour and more displays of affection, of course. But the thing that our guy will cherish the most of that non-date that became the most intense of their non-dates, is that every thing that happened that night wasn’t planned and it all started with a kiss.

Autor: León Alberto

I Was Pandora... And Then I Got Over It.


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