Vague gestures

Even in the routine, sometimes there are small glimpses of a good memory.

Sometimes the glimpses brings you back to that day, the day everything started: the first smiles, the small talk, the gentle touching, the embracing, the growing of feelings, the real feelings. Frequent dates, caring for one another and the promise of an even better day slowly fade away in the actual rain of events your memory has lost in time.

Some of the good stuff has been left behind for good, like they don’t matter or never even happened. Some ups and downs, the useless fights, hopeless dreams. But what about the special moments? They should be framed in your mind. You locked them, locked them good so they won’t be forgotten.

At that moment you realize the value of things, even the small gestures, the daily gestures, the vague gestures, the things that don’t seem important start to matter, more than ever before.

Autor: León Alberto

I Was Pandora... And Then I Got Over It.


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