About five years


We met about five years ago, when life was simple and times weren’t mad. A friend of ours introduced us and we were hooked from the very first moment we started talking about pop culture, Madonna and other queen things.
Last night that very thought hit me and hit me hard: five years, a whole life ago. I was another human being back then: I was selfish, stubborn and a total bitch. But then I met him and everything fell into place. I started listening to more than the sound of my own voice. I started seeing more than everything inside my four walls. My barricade fell apart as we begun sharing things. Little moments, long conversations and big laughs. That stuff changed me. The Big and the Kid.
Now, hundreds of days afar I look back once in a while, just to remind me the good and the bad stuff that happened and that made me stronger, that helped built who I am today. At first I didn’t get what he was feeling and what he needed. That shit I understood years later. And I forgave him. For everything he did and didn’t do.
Time passed by, and now we’re good friends. Or at least we try to be. God knows I try.
He’s a good man. Weird, yeah, but a good weirdo I’m very thankful for having in my life.

Autor: León Alberto

I Was Pandora... And Then I Got Over It.


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