Always when it rains

It’s raining, and this weather always reminds me of you. 

Reminds me how messy you were, those times we used to hang out in the summer. Always rainy days. Always messy days.

Always the uncertain. Always the doubts.

Always the feeling of something not right. 

I recall one time we got trapped under a storm. Water everywhere. Rivers flowing where the solid pavement should be. A drowning city. A drowning world. A drowning relationship with nowhere to go.

Nowhere to find us. Nowhere to save us.

Nowhere to run for air. Nowhere to be non-afraid. 

So the wet times passed and the sun emerged. As it always happens.

There’s something about the light that makes everything better. But there’s something about the rain. There’s always melancholy when it rains. There’s always a memory in your head when it rains.



Always when it rains. 

Autor: León Alberto

I Was Pandora... And Then I Got Over It.


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