An invisible woman


Girls night out. Everyone was coming to the monthly gathering. Everyone but Annie. She said she was very busy with work and family issues, but the real thing was actually going around a man. Her whole world was revolving around Ernest. She was so obsessed it was absurd.

They spent very few days together doing basic stuff, but she cherished each and every moment with him. The would walk and talk even in the rain, shared some ice cream and a couple of beers and sometimes she would crash at his place. The world didn’t matter when they were next to each other, laughing, fighting and avoiding their own shit.

Every now and then, during dinner or in between games or chats, Ernest would excuse himself to take an important phone call or just to reply some message, from work or a friend he would say. But she knew. She knew Ernest was answering, texting and getting back to his life and she, Annie, was dealing with another woman, an invisible woman to her, a woman who probably loved Ernest as much as she loved him. A woman who probably wasn’t aware of Annie.

Maybe it wasn’t ok, but for a woman like Annie was ok at that time, cause women like Annie are ok with a man fooling around just as long she was able to find a way home to her unaware, and maybe invisible too, husband.

Autor: León Alberto

I Was Pandora... And Then I Got Over It.


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