Moving Bodies Tour


Act I

Lights go on and a big circle appears at the center of the stage. It starts spinning until Tove appears to start the show dancing with the flying circle (“Vanilla Chocolat”). By the end of the song the circle descends and several dancers show up to perform on bicycles while transporting Tove from one point of the stage to another (“In Your Eyes”) till they reach an abandoned building, where they start playing paint gotcha (“My Gun”). When one team has won the competition, they storm out the building and on their way to the beach they hit the showers to clean up the paint (“Be My Lover”). As they reach the beach, some bodyguards join them to close up the act in a colorful performance (“Froot”) before the stage goes dark.

Act II

As the lights come back the stage transforms into a skateboard arena where Tove dances with younger versions of herself (“Like ‘Em Young”). When the song fades, all the dancers ride their way to a school building, where everybody is dressing in one of the iconic costumes of Britney Spears’ videos (“Talking Body”). The group runs thru the place and enters a theater, where Tove performs with blankets (“Touch Me”). As the performance ends, security guards rush into the place and start chasing the dancers, while Tove hides from them and escapes the school (“Little Lies”).


Walking down the street Tove remembers past friends who are no longer trustworthy (“Don’t Let Me Know”) and others who passed away (“Happy”).  She catches up with the dancers that escaped the police and they head to a nightclub where she faces an ex-boyfriend (“Lift Me Up”) who wasn’t very kind to her back in the day, but claims to be a better person now, so Tove decides to give him another chance. They hang around a little before Tove takes the center stage at the club (“Reach For Me”) and after that they leave the place as the sun rises with a rendition that closes the act (“Baby Don’t Lie”).

Act IV

Tove and her friends climb a building to reach the heliport and jump with parachutes in a way to express personal freedom (“Heartbeat Song”). Once they descends to the ground, Tove and her boyfriend start flirting a little (“More Than Friends”) before a marching band blocks their way (“Uptown Funk”) and they decide to join them and start a party (“Run On Love”). As the encore begins all the dancers emerge from the ground with the various outfits worn during the concert to dance in the final performance (“Beg For It”).

Autor: León Alberto

I Was Pandora... And Then I Got Over It.


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