Crowded Tour


Act I

“The stage isn’t very big so the performer can be near the audience and connect in a deeper level with them. This is a story about love and the risks of it”. Those words are heard on speakers as Marion appears in front of a big lamp that casts her shadow. The band rises slowly and start playing the intro (“Kicks In”). During the performance hanging lamps descend from the ceiling until the first song ends, in that moment they will start swinging as Marion walks by them (“Sweet”).

The screen behind the band starts flashing and some clips of boys undressing start playing as the show continues with two dancers performing a sultry routine around Marion (“Crave”). When the screen goes off, the dancers disappear and Marion lies on the ground when the next song starts playing (“Immortal”) and she rises and reaches the screen where old footage of herself plays on loop.

The lights go out again, and the dancers enter the stage to light up some candles. A phone starts ringing and Marion enters to answer it (“Yours”). When the conversation is over, she goes near the first row of the audience and starts talking about life, love and other drugs just to finish the first act (“Happy”).

Act II

While on blackout the adagio starts playing for several minutes as the stage transforms into an apartment. Two dancers walk up and down searching for someone in the crowd. Suddenly one of them pulls out a gun and shoots into the darkness as Marion starts singing (“I Lied”). When the song ends, one person appears tied up to a chair, Marion stands behind it and looks into the audience as the person stops fighting the pain and surrenders to death (“The Crying Game”). The lights go out.

The furniture from the apartment disappears so  a giant piano can fit the stage, Marion sitting on it (“Grand Piano”). When the ballad ends, members of the band approach playing guitars and ukuleles. Marion begins to freak out and breaks the instruments and smashes the piano (“Out Of Mind”). Pretended windows are set up as the rain begins pouring, while Marion sings (“Today The Sun’s On Us”). Then Marion smashes the windows and falls to the ground crying out for help as the dancers perform (“I’m A Ruin”) to close the act.


The screen shows some people telling stories about their childhood and difficult teenage years (“Moments”). The apartment is set up again but with different and more mature furniture. An older Marion enters the place and stares at the ringing telephone. A man starts talking to leave a message for Marion, who ignores it and starts singing in front of the windows as snow falls (“Happy New Year”).

Marion goes out for a drink as the stage transforms into a bar and the bartender starts pouring drinks.  A very intoxicated Marion walks to a man and punches him in the face on repeated occasions  (“Over”). The police appears and gets Marion out of there. As she’s arrested and put inside a police car the man who was hit appears with another woman of his arm and starts shouting at Marion (“Goodbye My Love”).

Everyone disappears and Marion stays at the center of the stage under a ray of light. A voice starts repeating

This is a story of love and the risks of it

                                    as the policemen approach to Marion and release her from the handcuffs. She starts singing “Giants” as several people emerge from behind the light and grab hands with her. At the end it is revealed that Marion ended up in jail for hitting the man to death.

Autor: León Alberto

I Was Pandora... And Then I Got Over It.


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