In Motion Tour


First Spin

The stage is full of spinning objects and it spins itself too. As the first spin goes on “Paradise” by Tove Lo starts playing on the speakers with a live band center stage. Neon lights start flashing as Cascada’s “Reason” blasts in next. The europop  reign won’t sop this time around when Calvin Harris and HAIM join short after with “Pray To God”. The song ends with the blackout and spinning of the stage.

Second Spin

Lights of several colors flash intermittently as dancers emerge sitting on a huge balloon  while Kelly Clarkson’s “War Paint” starts playing. More balloons pop up and start exploding bursting paint all over the place. A group of robots start cleaning the mess as RuPaul’s “I Blame You” plays with a video of the queen on the screen. When the robots are done cleaning the band emerges once again to the beat of Marina’s “Forget”, and when they conclude the song the lights go out and the stage starts spinning again.

Third Spin

A ray of light illuminates the only thing on the stage: a pedestal microphone. The screen shows some videos of different people sharing stories of bullying and home abuse. Dancers then start performing for Kelly’s “Invincible”. Fireworks and explosions mark the end of the song as the beat for Shania Twain’s “That Don’t Impress Me Much” turns the stage into a dessert and the screen shows clips from the music video. An oasis appears in the middle of the stage, as the lights dim and the night takes on the screen for the performance of Madonna’s “Holy Water” with nuns and priests dancing to it. At the end of the song the stage spins.

Fourth Spin

As the stage spins and the lights go on, we see the same nuns still on stage before all of them start stripping as Jinxz Monsoon’s “Ladies In Drag” is being performed. When the number ends the band comes back to stage to begin “Bad Reputation” by Kelly Clarkson. As the song ends a piano is introduced slowly to the scene so Marion Raven’s “Better Than This” can begin. When the dancers fro the number end their choreo the lights go out and the stage spins once more.

Fifth Spin

A convertible car enters slowly as “Blue” by Marina and the Diamonds is played by the band. At the end of the performance a video on the screen shows how the car wrecks in an accident and everything goes to black and white as “Savages” also by Marina starts playing.

Cops arrive to the scene and arrest the drivers. The screen shows them entering to jail and being processed. “Good Goes The Bye” plays as the story of one of them is explored on stage. At the end of the performance a shot is fired and the lights go out. The stage spins again.

Sixth Spin

The band rest at the back of the stage as two chairs are placed center-stage for one guitar player and a singer. Both start playing “Rebel Heart” by Madonna and after that they perform Kelly Clarkson’s “Nostalgic” joined by the rest of the band. The screen shows up what happened to the other guy back at jail. When the video ends the lights go out and the stage spins for the last time.


Cameras are flashing as a bombshell takes the stage to perform Marie Serneholt’s “That’s The Way My Heart Goes” as the final number of the show. At the end of the song all the dances come to stage to bow and the lights go out.

Autor: León Alberto

I Was Pandora... And Then I Got Over It.


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