It’s been a week. More even. And it just hit me, again: life’s unpredictable.

One day you’re trying to forgive and forget and the next day you’ll be forced into the rabbit hole watching your whole life passing by as you fall, until you hit the ground, die and come to life to live it all again. 

What if I didn’t run to get the subway? What if I have stayed a little longer partying? Maybe I wouldn’t have run into him. Just maybe. But what if I’d decided not to talk to him? What if I just looked the other way, or even run away? Would life put us in the same path again tomorrow? The day after? In two weeks or a month? Could that happen?

Will I ever stop wondering?

Will I ever stop pretending I care?

Will I ever let go this boomerang of a life I don’t want anymore? 

Autor: León Alberto

I Was Pandora... And Then I Got Over It.


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